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Sprouting Creativity this Spring!

April 17, 2017

We are excited to continue teaching at Bowery Yoga. On May 6th, 4-6 pm, our seeds of intent have been planted this spring and now...

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Reconnecting to Soul Essence Workshop at Bowery Yoga, NYC

February 01, 2017

We are excited to announce our next workshop in NYC, March 4th at 4-6 pm. Location: Bowery Yoga Time: 4- 6 pm Senior Teachers: Dina...

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Dance of Liberation – Starting New Year with Special class on January 21, 2017

December 16, 2016

Arising from the ashes of matrix politics and social injustices, a fiery passion of peaceful action, clarity, Earth stewardship and NEW VISION calls us together...

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The documentary shows that Dance of Liberation™ becomes more than just a tool for helping others. It becomes a metaphor, as Parashakti, the founder of this practice learns to let go of her old stories and strives to take on something new. As she brings healing and transformation to dancers seeking their own true paths, she comes to uncover her own.

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  • This has been an amazing experience of weaving together the amazing wisdom coming from various traditions. But most of all, I understand that the wisdom is already within each of ourselves – it is just about the willingness to overcome fears and resistance to go to that place. But when we do venture to the apparent unknown, which is really just deep inside ourselves, then there is nothing to be afraid of. To use dance as healing brings me back to the beginning; the heartbeat, the vibrancy of time and essential nature. Back to the abundant joy and blissful state that loves to come out and play. With gratitude,


  • Dance is so much a part of who I am. That makes it a perfect vehicle for me to discover the mysterious and sometimes inscrutable unknown. I am drawn to Shamanism, but felt I had no point of entry until I read the description of this class. I felt welcomed and seen by the holders of the space. Parashakti is masterful at involving trust through the Goddess. I felt the deep connection that Purnima brought to everything she brought to us. Blessed sister. My instincts were right. This has been the perfect class for me. I feel so blessed by the work, the people, Omega, this time. So many powerful forces are guiding us all right now. That I fin myself in the company of such powerful and heart centered women gives me great hope for my life and for all the lives we touch from the center of ourselves. Thank you.


  • What is the Dance, you ask? For me, it has been a place where I can work on myself. Every session has brought growth, courage to take a step with confidence, courage to be vulnerable, courage to let my patterns go, courage to let my energy join with others’ energy, the universal energy. It has brought tears, and then the refusal to give into my tears. It has brought confidence to venture into the unknown. Our 3 guides on this journey are positively inspiring people in their own ways. They give us a glimpse into, something else. And they brought together a group of people who I have learned from, from each and every one…and from the oneness of us. Thank you truly for what you have offered to us. – Julie Wright

    Sara John


  • “I must say that this was by far the most creative, sensual, intimate and heart opening experience I ever had. I had moments that I wanted to cry, I had moments of connectivity and a blast of energy especially from the sound bath! I definitely feel that a layer of me had been dropped and felt reborn again. Knowing that I am surrounded by pure hearted people means the world to me and I thank each and every healer and performer!!!! I can’t wait to see u all again!!! Big Mahalo Nui Loa and Alo~ha!!!”


  • “I thank you all for creating the magic!! Luminous is unquestionably one of the most powerful and magical nights of my life. I have been to plenty upon plenty of events and this rates near the very top. The timing, flow and sensitivity to the space was spot on. The music and singing was intensely uplifting, sweet and angelic. The partner work was sincere, unforced and centering. The Dance of Liberation: blindfold dance was deeply awakening as the title suggests. I found myself moved in previously untapped ways. As if my core spirit was rising from the inside out. And to top it off the Gong really sealed the energy for the night with a roar. All in all, Magic was definitely in the air at Luminous, and the flow of the evening gracefully allowed for deep inner healing, laughter and my personal initiation. Thank you again to the team that made it possible. Aho”

    Zachariah Z Fisher

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