Who We Are

BM2015 We are a community of people who enjoy evolving through free-form movement and self expression. All types of people come to our events, from students to artists to executives. Some attendees are experienced dancers, and many show up who have never danced before. Children are often present, as well as elders. We are people from all walks of life who desire a rich, deep, authentic, and connected experience of living.

BM2015Our Community: Children of All Ages, Movers, Shakers, Quakers, Teachers, Learners, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Burners, Ex’s, Grand Pa’s, Grand Ma’s, Yogi’s, Quantum Physicists, Metaphysicians, Micro-Biologists, Psychologists, Aerospace Engineers, Light Workers, Love Activists, Dancing Taoists, Intenders of the Highest Good, Healers, African Drummers, Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Bikers, Skaters, Students, Professors, Nia Dancers, Ballerinas, Belly and Barefoot Ballroom Dancers, Modern Dancers, Post Modern Dancers, Contemporary and Contact Improv Dancers, Rhythm Tap Dancers, Funk – Hip Hop – African – Authentic Dancers, Sweat Your Prayers and Sacred Dancers, New Warriors, Fire-Walkers, Women With-in, GoGo-Goddess’es, Respected Elders, Priests, Priestesses, Rabbi’s, Rainbows, Authentic Relaters, Reiki Practitioners, Oneness Givers, Gardners, Actors, Songwriters, Singers, Social Workers, Native American Shaman, Holotropic Breath Workers, Hypno-therapists, Hipsters, Holistic Health Practitioners, Counselors, Co-opers, Commuters, Computer Analysts, Jungian Analysts, Conscious Ravers and DreamDancers, Source Painters, Sales Managers, Videographers, TV Producers, Airline Pilots, Tyco Drummers, Marshall Artists, Massage Therapists, Urban Farmers, Organic & Raw Food Activists, Acrobatic Yogi’s, Accountants, Bee Keepers, Musicians, Writers, Visionaries, Secretaries, Entrepreneurs, Agents of Real-Estate, World Travelers, Silk Fabric and Circus Performers, Nurses, Geologists, Geophysicists, Graphic Designers, DJ’s, Fire Spinners, Face Painters, Stilt Walkers, Chefs, Translators, Masters of Ceremonies, Poets, Peace Advocates, Lawyers, Benevolent Beings, and YOU!

Join us and tell us who you are!