Sprouting Creativity this Spring!

We are excited to continue teaching at Bowery Yoga. On May 6th, 4-6 pm, our seeds of intent have been planted this spring and now it’s time to water and nourish the FERTILE GROUND from which they will sprout. Your creations will thrive when receiving care, attention and a sprinkle of trust. Journey to the center of your inner garden

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DIVE into you & learn how to THRIVE so you can experience what it means to be ALIVE. DIVE Session Individual l on l healing with master healers/teachers Parashakti and Kjord. Healing session is a fusion blend of native american teachings, chakra/crystal work, spiritual coaching, breath work and sound healing Individual sessions are 2 hours. THRIVE Program 30 DAY IMMERSION PROGRAM

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SoulHealing® are private intuitive healing sessions birthed out of apprenticeships with my Native American Elders. SoulHealing® is a pathway for discovering the soul’s deeper meanings and life mission. The process involves one-on-one spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, breath work, and a sacred path card reading based in Native American wisdom teachings. An integrative approach to release old patterns, thoughts and addictions and

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Includes: a custom regimen based on hair mineral analysis, personalized nutritional  counseling, instructor led yoga & meditation, gourmet plant based cuisine, higher brain living sessions and raindrop therapy.

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