Spiritual Awakening – Global Summit

Today was a sweet class with Beloved, Parashakti. Below are some HIGH LIGHTS from this packed class on how you dance YOUR way to a Liberated Life.

1. Create sacred space for renewal in your life.
2. The Power of Intention – set one.
3. Blindfold. Source guidance within.
4. Breath. Let your breathe guide you out of the ego.
5. Music. Listen to music without a story while you dance to let your own story “unwind.”
6. Dance – Dance like nobody’s watching. Its YOUR dance. (Your body is your vessel of truth)
7. Returning Home – Integrate your dance by committing to take action from your vision as you rest in reflection.


1. Source your community for support.
2. Your biggest life struggle may be the key to finding your life’s work.